There are a ton a variables that come into play on every job site. Different pieces of equipment are always on the move, slopes and grades vary, and your probably not alone on site.  All these variables  make working safely a challenge but there are some precautions you can take to minimize the risk of injury to yourself and others.

Wear seat belts

This is a simple one folks, if there’s a seat belt, use it.


Properly enter and exit machines

always maintain 3 point contact as your entering or exiting a piece of machinery, do not jump on or off, and always follow the posted instructions.


Know where underground lines are buried

It’s easy to do. In fact, you can have utility lines marked at your future jobsite by making just one phone call. best of all it’s free!  It is your responsibility to make sure there are no buried cables or pipes.


Recognize the hazards

Start by looking around you. Are there overhead lines or other potential electrical hazards? Are there steep slopes, or space issues? Are employees riding on the outside of moving machines? Many dangers are obvious to those who are open to spotting them. If you see a potential problem, do something about it.


Secure loads properly

Refer to the operator’s manual for guidelines on proper loading and transport procedures. Make sure trailers are properly hitched to the towing vehicle. Use safety chains, and make sure signal lights work properly. Inspect tires before each use. If the trailer has brakes, inspect them daily and make sure all connections are intact. Always make sure the brakes are locked before loading. Load and unload on level surfaces. Use tie downs or chain binders to secure loads to the trailer.


Wear the proper clothing

When it comes to clothing, keep it tight. Loose clothing can get caught in machinery especially when working around augers or implements. Wear the proper footwear not only to protect feet from falling objects, but to prevent falls. Construction sites can be slippery places, and boots with good traction are the first line of defense.